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Home Presence aims to be 100% transparent with the list pricing of our services. Most firms choose to keep this information hidden. We believe you deserve to know upfront. As with all of our client plans, we will work within you budget to design a service plan that meets your needs. 

Companion Care: $23 per hour - services typically include laundry and pressing, meal preparation, and assisting with errands. Associates can also participate in your favorite hobbies and activities, accompany you to appointments and social outings, and engage in friendly conversation.
Personal Services: $30 per hour - our trained associates can help clients maintain personal health and hygiene. We can assist you with the bathing, grooming, and dressing activities that make sure you are feeling and looking your best every day. . 
Light Cleaning: $23 per hour - our associates can help clients keep their homes looking great with our light cleaning services. We can wash, dry & shelve dishes, water plants, dust surfaces, tidy up newspapers or magazines.
Transportation: $28 per hour - our associates can provide clients with safe and reliable transportation to and from appointments. All associate vehicles are insured and inspected regularly to maintain safe operation.
Continence Care: $30 per hour - our associates can help clients maintain continence with scheduled reminders and medication adherence. We can also provide physical, emotional, and personal hygiene  support. 
Cognitive Care: $35 per hour - some clients and their families need higher touch services related to Dementia and Memory Care. Our associates are trained to provide mind-stimulating activities, create social engagement through activity, and delay the onset of cognitive symptoms. 
Overnight Care: $30 per hour - our associates can provide assistance with evening and morning routines, help getting in and out of bed, medication adherence, and prevention of falls due to disorientation. 
Home Administration: $25 per hour - Our associates can coordinate and manage home maintenance services such as HVAC repairs, plumbing and electrical jobs, and pest control. We can also coordinate the delivery and moving of heavy furniture and installation of new appliances. . 
Care Coordination: $28 per hour - Our associates can help clients and their families schedule, arrange, and oversee the health and wellness services needed to maintain health and well-being. This can include scheduling medical care & transportation, coordinating with insurance companies, and picking up prescriptions.
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