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Personal Care Services

Personal Care Services

As adults age in place, routine activities can become challenges. According to a study conducted by the National Institute on Aging, more than a third of adults 65 and over experience at least one fall each year. 80% of those falls occur in the bathroom where hard surfaces and sharp corners are prevalent. Our Care Associates can help clients avoid these falls by providing personal care assistance in the bathroom and other higher risk areas of the home.       

Our personal care services, such as bathing and grooming, are provided in accordance with strict  codes of conduct to ensure the client's dignity is held in the utmost respect.

Examples of our Louisville Personal Care Services:

Bathing and Hygiene Maintenance  -  Home Presence Care Associates are trained to provide our clients with bathing and hygiene assistance. Most older adults should bathe about two times a week, which helps avoid skin breakdowns and infections.    

Dressing -  Our Care Associates help clients look and feel their best with dressing assistance. As adults age in place, performing daily tasks like lacing up shoes or putting on socks can become a challenge. Our Care Associates implement practical adjustments that ensure safety and preserve dignity, one fashionable outfit at a time!     

Personal Grooming -  Our Care Associates will work to understand the client's current grooming routine and preferred products. We help with grooming activities such as hair brushing, shaving, denture cleaning, teeth brushing, and cosmetics application.     

Mobility -  Our Care Associates are trained to help clients avoid sedentarism (sitting too much) by maintaining mobility. We will evaluate the client's current living environment and identify opportunities to reduce barriers to mobility through the installation of cost-effective ramps and railings.      

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