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Companionship Services

Home Presence Care Companionship Services
According to researchers at Michigan State, the status of an older adult's friendships is a reliably strong predictor of how happy and healthy the adult felt.*

As adults age in place, it is common for them to experience isolation and loneliness. When family and friends move away to new communities, an adult's social circle can contract, further exacerbating the cycle of isolation. Loneliness does not have to be an inevitable part of the aging process. Companionship and regular social interaction promotes stronger mental and physical health while also reducing the risk of depression. 

Examples of our Louisville Companionship Services:

Crafting -  Our Care Associates love to take part in crafting activities such as scrap booking, photo album organizing, quilting, crocheting and embroidery. We also love to take our clients on trips to The Craftery were they can create "DIY" gifts like wallets, planters, jewelry and wall hangings. 

Taking Walks -  There are many benefits to scheduling regular walks. Accompanied by our Care Associates, your walks will take place in a safe environment.  Daily walks offer heart health benefits, a way to strengthen abdominal and back muscles, and a chance to  meet new people and enjoy the outdoor environment.   

Puzzles and Games -  Our Care Associates love to take part in card and board games and putting together puzzles. While playing card games can be a great social activity, they also help older adults improve their memory and concentration skills.    

Story Sharing -  Our Care Associates enjoy learning about our clients' past through their stories. We also work with Engager to help capture and preserve these life stories for future generations of loved ones.     

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