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Continence Care Services

Continence Care Services
Incontinence can be devastating to a person's sense of well-being and sense of self

Incontinence, and the significant health complications it can lead to, is often taken for granted as a normal part of the aging process. Home Presence Care believes that no adult should have to worry about incontinence and we work with multidisciplinary teams (nurse continence advisors, physical therapists, and geriatricians) to develop a comprehensive plan to preserve continence and maintain the dignity and wellbeing of our clients.         

Examples of our Louisville Continence Care Services:

Weight Loss Activities   -  Medical Studies have demonstrated that weight loss interventions can reduce the frequency of stress incontinence episodes and may provide longer term benefits for urinary incontinence. Our Care Associates can help with weight loss by accompanying you on walks outside or on a treadmill and helping prepare healthy meals.   

Fluid Intake Adequacy and Timing  -  When a person is faced with incontinence, a natural inclination is to restrict fluid intake to reduce incontinent episodes. However, studies have shown that ensuring a person is adequately hydrating is more useful in the management of urinary incontinence. Our Care Associates can help clients keep a fluid intake and output diary which can be used to adhere to incontinence management protocols. 

Diet Management -  Our Care Associates can help clients track and manage their diets to ensure there is adequate fiber intake. We can also help you adjust your diet to avoid excess caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, and concentrated sugars which will make continence management easier. 

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