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Care Coordination Services

Care Coordination Services
Our Care Coordination Associates help our clients navigate the complexities of the modern healthcare system. 

Care Coordination has become an important service for successful aging in place. At its core, Care Coordination is a methodical approach to care that facilitates better communication between and among clients, family members, caregivers, and and clinical service providers. As people age, chronic health conditions are more likely to develop. These chronic conditions often times require regular appointments with clinical providers such as doctors, physical therapists, and occupational therapists.  

Examples of our Louisville Care Coordination Services:

Care Plan Communication  -  Care plans can be used to assist clinicians in providing client-centered by giving them access to a complete picture of a client’s health challenges and treatments. Clients living with chronic conditions often have to be seen by providers affiliated with different health systems which prevents the sharing of information and can lead to siloed decision making. Our Care Coordination Associates will break down those barriers and make sure that everyone on the client's care team is aware of changes and updates to the plan. 

Continuity of Care Services  -  Continuity of Care is important for clients living with chronic health conditions.  Our Care Associates help clients maintain an accurate longitudinal health record which gives providers the necessary medical history and disease progression information. We also work with the care team to make sure all care plan activities are aligned with the client's living environment and available resources.      

Care Navigation  -  Our Care Associates can assist clients with navigating the complexities of the healthcare system. We help clients understand their medical bills and their applicable insurance coverage. Care associates can help gather documents such procedure discharge summaries, test results, and up-to-date medication lists and make sure they are distributed to the relevant members of the care team. We can also help our clients adopt new healthcare technologies such as telehealth and remote patient monitoring

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