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Using Innovation

Home Presence provides our clients with the opportunity to use the latest in technology and tools. We use technology as a means to an end (or goal) - never as an end in and of itself. Nothing can replace the personal relationships between our associates and clients. But if we identify an opportunity where innovative tools can make your life better, we will bring it to your attention and give you the opportunity to use them with our full support. Examples include:  

Telehealth - we can train you on any telehealth software and ensure that you have a strong internet connection. If needed, we can help you obtain a high-definition video camera through the numerous grants and assistance programs currently being used to promote telehealth adoption.
Telehealth Innovation Page
Remote Monitoring - remote monitoring and wireless clinical devices can connect to the internet in real-time and provide valuable health data to your providers. Home motion detectors can also give loved ones peace-of-mind. Consumer Devices like the Apple Watch can now conduct an Electrocardiogram and track sleep habits. Wireless blood pressure cuffs can send readings to your doctor right from your home. 
Remote Patient Monitoring Innovation
Logistics and Coordination - Our associates can set up home delivery services for your prescriptions and groceries. We also work with on-demand transportation companies to help you coordinate trips and appointments. Home Presence can also schedule and inspect periodic maintenance services and contracts to ensure your home remains safe and protected for you and your loved ones.
Privacy and Security - All communications with our clients and their families are never disclosed to third-parties without our client's express written permission. Every Home Presence employee sign strict confidentiality agreements that cover all interactions and conversations between our associates and clients. Any client information provided to Home Presence is stored on a HIPAA compliant server that uses encryption technology to secure all data.  
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