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Light Cleaning Services

Light Cleaning and Housekeeping services
Our light cleaning and housekeeping services help our clients maintain a clean and sanitized living environment that optimizes aging in place. 

As adults age in place, it is common for clutter to start piling up and dust and dirt to gather in hard to reach corners. Home Presence Care offers Light Cleaning and Housekeeping services to our Louisville clients. We will make sure that your living environment continues to be a welcoming space that is sanitized and safe. Our clients take pride in the appearance of their homes and our services will help remove the anxiety that can come with getting ready for visitors or house guests.      

Examples of our Louisville Light Cleaning Services:

Vacuuming and Sweeping  -  Home Presence Care Associates can either use the client's existing appliances to perform vacuuming and sweeping of surfaces or arrange to have cleaning equipment brought in. Wet mopping can also be performed on tile surfaces.   

Bathroom Cleaning -  Our Care Associates can ensure that bathrooms are regularly cleaned and sanitized using environmentally friendly solutions and agents that do not require bleach. If disinfection is required Home Presence Care can deploy a portable bacteria disinfecting light that helps kill MRSA, Cdiff, Staph and Strep.  

Kitchen Cleaning -  Home Presence Care Associates ensure that our clients food is prepared and stored in a clean and sanitary kitchen environment. We will regularly wipe down counters, stoves and ovens and make sure refrigerators and freezers are clean and functional.      

Bedroom Cleaning -  Our Care Associates will make sure that bedroom linens are changed and laundered regularly to avoid attracting dust mites and other pests that can trigger asthma attacks and rhinitis and could lead to exacerbated eczema. 

Laundry -  Home Presence Care Associates can provide laundry services that prevents clothes from piling up in hampers. We are trained to safely wash, dry, and iron your clothing and household linens. We can also coordinate offsite dry cleaning services as well.  

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