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Home Administration Services

Home Administration Services
Our Home Administration team is here to coordinate the regular and surprise maintenance needed to keep your home safe and comfortable.

It is important that a house remains a safe and comfortable living environment for our clients. Our Care Associates can gather repair quotes and coordinate work schedules while also making sure that the services rendered are of a high quality.  Home Presence Care will build and manage a comprehensive service plan that segments home maintenance into weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual tasks. We are available "on-call" to handle any surprises such as roof leaks, burst pipes and flooded basements.    

Examples of our Louisville Home Administration Services:

Monthly Maintenance  -  Home Presence Care Associates are trained to manage regular maintenance plans. We can conduct monthly maintenance such as inspecting and changing out HVAC filters, deep cleaning kitchen sink disposals, degreasing and cleaning range hood filters, inspecting and replacing fire extinguishers as needed, and running water and flushing toilets in unused spaces.        

Seasonal Maintenance  -  We can conduct a full range of seasonal maintenance activities such as overseeing the proper switching of an HVAC system from Air Conditioning to Heating, testing the batteries of smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, checking water softeners and adding salt as needed, and testing the water heater's pressure release valve to safeguard against leaks. 

Delivery Coordination  -  Our Home Presence Care Associates can coordinate the delivery and installation of new appliances or pieces of furniture for our client's home. With Ecommerce taking over a larger share of the household products market, it is important to have a plan in place to safely receive large packages and to regularly track the shipment and delivery times of those packages so that the client is not put in a stressful situation.

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