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Overnight Care Services

Overnight Care
Overnight care is an important supplement service for clients aging in place 

Home Presence Care can help clients and their family members determine if an adult aging in place should engage overnight care services. If there is a medical condition that needs continuous monitoring or adherence to a strict medication schedule that requires an nighttime or early morning dose, it is a good idea to have a Care Associate spend the night. Some clients who are recovering from a recent surgery also enjoy the reassurance an Overnight Care Associate can bring.      

Examples of our Louisville Overnight Care Services:

Medical Procedure and Surgery Recovery  -  Most surgical and medical procedure recoveries will require a period of bedrest. During this time, it is prudent to have a Care Associate provide overnight care services. The Associate can ensure that the client is physically comfortable 24/7 by helping to elevate legs or arms, adjust pillows, and help the client get in and out of bed safely.     

Orientation  -  Nighttime can create an environment where older adults can get disoriented, even in their own home. "Sundown Syndrome" or "Sundowning" refers to a state of confusion that can occur in the late afternoon or nighttime. Sundowning can cause a variety of behaviors, such as confusion, anxiety, or aggression and can also lead to pacing or wandering. Our Overnight Care Associates can reduce the negative effects of this condition by reducing background noise and other irritants while creating a calm environment with relaxing sounds and lights.     

Mitigating Depression -  Older adults have an increased risk of depression and unfortunately certain individuals experience significant increases in their depression symptoms at night. This can manifest through the client experiencing more symptoms or having the symptoms increase in severity.  Nighttime depression can also create or worsen insomnia. Our Care Associates can help mitigate the effects of nighttime depression by helping the client unwind before bed and avoid bright screens.   

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