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Transportation Services

Transportation Services
Access to reliable and safe transportation services gives adults who are aging in place the ability to continue participating in their day to day activities 

Home Presence Care provides safe and reliable transportation services to our clients. As adults get older, they tend to make fewer trips away from home, which can lead to increased isolation and decreased participation in their existing social circles. Our insured Care Associates provide safe, reliable transportation services so our clients can continue to participate in their normal routines and activities that take place away from the home.     

Examples of our Louisville Transportation Services:

Health and Wellness Appointments  -  We can drive clients to their medical and dental appointments as well as to pharmacies and clinics to manage prescription and vaccine regimens.     

Attending Social Events  -  Home Presence Care Associates can drive clients to their normal schedule of social events and either stay at the event with the client or return at a later time to pick the client up. Our clients love attending bridge tournaments, art shows, civic meetings, concerts and shopping trips.  

Religious Services -  Our Care Associates can ensure that clients are able to attend houses of worship and other religious events. With weekend transportation services available, our clients attend services throughout the Louisville Metro area.  

Family Events - Our transportation services give clients the ability to attend family events such as graduations, weddings, and family reunions. We have vehicles that are specially configured to accomodate wheelchairs and provide maximum comfort for longer rides.     

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