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Safe & Trusted
In-Home Care 

Home Presence Care is bringing upgraded In-Home Personal Care and Wellness Services to the greater Louisville, Kentucky area. 
We work with our clients and their family members to develop assisted daily living service plans that are both affordable and flexible.

Why Home Presence?

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W-2 Employees

Some companies will charge you high fees for simply matching you with freelancers or contractors. Home Presence Care is made up of dedicated W-2 Employees. We stand behind every person you interact with and hold every Care Associate accountable to our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We serve our clients like they are family, no excuses and no exceptions.  


Client Centered  

Our Care Associates work with prospective clients to design a personalized service plan. We empower our clients to achieve their lifestyle goals by providing client-centered support. As you update your lifestyle goals, our service plans evolve as well, ensuring that our services are always aligned with achieving 100% client satisfaction.  


Transparent Pricing

Our rates are always publicly available on our website. There are no hidden fees or surprise bills when you work with us. We understand that not every client's budget is the same for personal services. We will work with you to develop an affordable service plan that meets your needs. If available, we can help you obtain grants or navigate the process of making a long-term care insurance policy claim.

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